I’m a mom of pigs, dogs, cats and grown kids. I’m not sure what I was thinking when I decided that as an anxious, panic stricken person I should have all this responsibility. What goes on in the head? Everyday I say at least 10 times, “You have got to be kidding me!” This is usually towards an animal. Like when I find that the pigs have once again eaten my pile of dust and dirt I swept up. Spreading it back through the house, damn animals.

Imagine chasing piglets through the yard trying to corral them into their bed! Pigs are fast, faster than you would imagine. The squealing turns to screaming and all of a sudden I’m a basket case. Then I wonder again, “WHAT THE HELL?!” Am I stupid? Why did I get two piglets?

Imagine coming home to what sounds like a mass murder in your house. The vet is there and he and my daughter are holding down a 250 pound pig while trimming his hooves. He is screaming as if he is being murdered! Again I think my nerves are fried. My anxiety is high and I just can’t help but laugh hysterically.  Because that’s what I do when I’m about to have a nervous breakdown. It only took 2 and half hours to complete the hoof trimming. I’m surprised that the cops weren’t called. Come to find out the vet had given Frank the pig enough sedative for a 400 pound pig and it didn’t work. Frank is a beast!

How about that time when the I came home to find the entire plastic storage box of dog food spilled on the floor. Frank was found passed out in his bed like a drunken sailor with a bloated belly, throw up on the floor and dogs eating the throw up. Argh! Seriously, I thought I should just let them eat the rest of the throw up so I wouldn’t have to clean it up. Pigs shouldn’t eat dog food!

Another battle is the battle of the bark. Dogs bark, pigs bark, I yell shut up which doesn’t help. Peggy the white wolf dog has the largest ears and hears anything. I am a very jumpy person and it never fails that every time she barks I jump, my blood pressure rises and my heart palpitates. Again, why do I put myself through this?

It’s astounding that I haven’t completely flipped my lid. Everyday something new and crazy happens with these pigs and dogs. And let’s not forget I have cats. Cats that bring me dead birds, lizards, dead mice and today a dead baby squirrel. The moment I found that baby squirrel I thought, “That damn cat! That poor mama squirrel.” And life goes on.

Again, can someone explain why I feel the need to save every damn animal, yet fail to save myself from this crazy life?


2 thoughts on “Anxiety and The Damn Animals

  1. Hi Gay
    Not positively sure why you are an involved mama to so many.

    But it may have to do with the fact that you have a great heart, maybe metaphysically enlarged, to go with a sharp mind.
    And some good intuition go choose Pigs over paycor any day of the week and twice on Mondays. Miss you. We will keep in touch. I have been composing a letter of recommendation and gratitude in my head for too many days. Will share your new venture in Real Estate !

    Let me know if this reaches you. I am not very facebooky. =)



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